Information Technology - Executive Search - Engineering - Sales Professionals

Applying creative, appropriate and effective strategies for every requirement,

SL-K Recruiting strives to provide targeted candidates to our clients.


Benefits of working with SL-K Recruiting:


·         Over 20 years’ technical recruiting experience

·         Understanding of both Corporate and Agency Recruiting

·         Ability to meld seamlessly into your current recruiting processes

·         Customized recruitment strategy ensuring targeted, appropriate candidates

·         Assurance our clients are presented as an “Employer of Choice” to all candidates



What are they saying about Susan Lind-Kanne, Owner/Executive Recruiter, SL-K Recruiting?

“In 20+ years as a hiring manager, I've worked with many recruiters - internal, external, and captive. Susan is one of the best… Susan plays well with others  (our internal recruiting/HR team) - making sure that they are involved in the process, instead of trying to go around them... She is very skilled at sourcing candidates outside of the normal pool. She's found many candidates who are excited about the company AND the project location..."

Hiring Manager, Fortune 10 Global Corporation

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